DDoS self-defense - community resilience to a growing censorship threat

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DDoS self-defense - community resilience to a growing censorship threat
Presenter(s) Richard King
Title(s) Technical Projects Coordinator
Organization(s) eQualit.ie
Project(s) Deflect
Country(ies) United Kingdom, Canada
Social media https://twitter.com/graphiclunarkid
2017 theme Tools & Technology

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have increased dramatically in both scale and visibility recently. Traffic-volume records were smashed not once (620Gbps against Krebs on Security) but twice (1200Gbps against Dyn) in successive months. How can we respond to this escalating threat? This conversation invites the Internet freedom community to find common ground in solidarity against the threat of censorship through DDoS attacks. How big are the risks? What are our needs before, during and after we are attacked? How can we defend ourselves - and can we band together to do so more effectively?

As a provider of DDoS mitigation infrastructure, we know the limits of the protection measures organisations like ours can offer, and we are keen to explore beyond these through community action. Deflect (https://deflect.ca/) is a free & open source DDoS mitigation[1], hosting [2] and analytics[3] system. The Deflect instance we run at eQualit.ie is now in its fifth year of operation. We protect over 200 independent media and human rights organizations from more than 400 recorded DDoS attacks so far. Deflect serves content from over 70 countries to up to a million unique visitors daily. We have also begun to collect and analyze data about attacks against our clients, with the hope of aiding their advocacy efforts, and to raise the cost of launching future attacks against them. We have published reports on attacks we observed against an environmental independent media in Ukraine and the BDS movement. Our third report, on attacks against Black Lives Matter, will be released in December. We would like to share our findings on DDoS attacks with the IFF community to start a conversation about practical self-defence in the face of internet censorship.

We invite DDoS victims to share their experiences, those at risk of attack to discuss their needs, and those in a position to help - like eQualit.ie - to consider how we can collaborate. The purpose of this session is to gather information on our community's needs and capabilities, and to start sharing data on botnet behaviour classification, as well as developing standards for interorganizational threat-intelligence sharing among peers and participants of the IFF.

[1] http://deflectca.github.io/ [2] https://www.equalit.ie/eqpress [3] https://wiki.deflect.ca/wiki/Deflect_Labs

Format Conversation
Target Groups CSOs, journalists, activists, bloggers, hosting providers, independent media
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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