Criptica Testing Session: Riot with e2e encryption

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Criptica Testing Session: Riot with e2e encryption
Presenter(s) fadelkon
Title(s) Let's play with e2e encryption
Social media cripticaOrg
2017 theme Tools & Technology[1] is promising in terms on server-federated instant messaging and helping federate other services. It's like Jabber, except it's not like Jabber:

  • Their focus is "eventually syncronized distributed message history", instead of message relying
  • They are working on a single, monolithic standard instead of presenting nice features as optional extensions for servers
  • It's built on modern-posh HTTP APIs, so it's quicker to develop with it

We, at Críptica[2], are hosting testing sessions for privacy-enhancing tools that we decide to focus on. On Wednesday, 8, at 19h there will be another one on e2e encryption on [3], the reference client. The main node will be on Barcelona, but we have internet to join them here from the IFF! :D

We can work here in english, but the outcome will be on catalan / spanish. We are migrating to git-based wikis, so will be easier to share & remix, ofc to translate.

Format Hackaton
Target Groups anyone, from dev, to design people
Length 2 hours
Skill Level any
Language catalan → spanish → english

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