Creating Approaches to Rapid Response - Where are we now?

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Creating Approaches to Rapid Response - Where are we now?
Presenter(s) Holly Kilroy, Lindsay Beck, Sanne Stevens, Claudio Guarnieri
Title(s) Programme Manager, Programme Manager, Programme Manager, Co-Founder
Organization(s) Small Media, Open Tech Fund, Hivos, Amnesty International
Project(s) Civil Society Center for Digital Resilience, OTF Digital Integrity Programme, Digital Defenders Partnership, Security Without Borders
Country(ies) Global
Social media
2017 theme Community

The provision of rapid response to human rights defenders in need is a core element of many actors in the internet freedom community. While there are many hurdles to improving what is often an ad hoc process, this past year has seen determined efforts on several fronts to reevaluate the scope of rapid response, coordinate facilitation efforts and expand the number of people to whom effective rapid response is available to.

This session will bring together hosts who have worked on these efforts and provide them with an opportunity for a brief report back on the progress and challenges of the year. From there it will launch a discussion about the differences in approaches to rapid response, and what rapid response providers would like to see addressed in the coming year.

Format Conversation / Panel Discussion
Target Groups Rapid response providers and recipients
Length 1
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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