Consent experience design workshop

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Consent experience design workshop
Presenter(s) Alessandro Carelli
Title(s) PhD Candidate
Organization(s) Loughborough University
Country(ies) Italy, UK
Social media @inf_overload
2017 theme Communications & Design

Informed consent is a basic requirement for accessing any digital service which gathers personal data. However, the way people are requested to give consent often exposes them to the extensive collection of their personal information which, in turn, poses threats for personal freedom. This calls for new approaches to design more effective consent experiences.

The proposed workshop is conceived as hands-on UX brainstorm which employs tools derived from the field of service design to generate new consent solutions. Attendees will learn how to use simple design tools to improve the experience of managing consent and privacy online. New insights on how to design for consent will be generated in the workshop activity through discussions and reflections.

To date, this proposed workshop has been delivered at the following events: (1) Real Consent & Design workshop @ Digital Catapult, London, UK – 21st of March 2016; (2) Strategy and Tactics for MyData Design @ MyData 2016, Helsinki, Finland – 1st of September 2016 (more info at

Format Workshop
Target Groups Attendees with any background are welcome, however it is recommended to have at least one designer possibly familiar with service design or UX methodology in each group.
Length 2 hours
Skill Level Intermediate
Language English

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