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The Community Knowledge Share (CKS) workshop series brings to you a diversity of online gathering every week lead by community leaders in the Internet Freedom field.

CKS focus on a variety of topics found in the digital rights space ranging from technology infrastructure to community health to regional research. Workshops last 1-2 hours, and are interactive, allowing the community not just to learn and share knowledge, but also to brainstorm on issues together! CKS are designed to deepen your knowledge in a particular area; connect with others interested in the same topics or areas; promote collaboration and the fomentation of partnerships across regions and disciplines; and showcase and celebrate the amazing people that are leading our community!

We also take notes for each CKS, check them out to see the breadth of topics CKS cover.

CKS Coffee Talk IFF 2020.png

Coffee Talk is a new CKS segment where we get real with the people we most admire. Join Trinh and Sandy, as they serve up some sweets and coffee, and get to know the kick-ass people leading our movements. Check out the list of people we have interviewed so far.