Community ISPs: building alternative networks

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Community ISPs: building alternative networks
Presenter(s) Marcelo Blanco and Rodrigo Troian
Title(s) Community ISPs: building alternative networks
Organization(s) ARTICLE 19
Project(s) Community networks in Brazil
Country(ies) Brazil
Social media
2017 theme Internet Freedom: Present and Future

This session will be a workshop on how to plan and build a community network. The initiative comes from the previous work made by ARTIGO 19 Brasil along with partners on workshops that helps communities to build their own internet service provider.

The idea of a community ISP comes from the observation that the current connectivity model in Brazil is based on individualist and consumerist relations that weaken the power of the user over its connection, increasing the decision power of big commercial ISPs over the types of access to the internet, causing great impact on the freedom of expression of users who can’t get a decent internet connection or no connection at all.

The community ISP arises as an option to communities to hire their internet connection as a group capable of managing their own network and share the connection as they want.

The session will be split in two parts:

- The first one will be a brief (1 hour) introduction to the concept of community ISPs, illustrating the main benefits and challenges that they provide, including legal and juridical aspects. This introduction will be gamified. We will all be in a fictional scenario and each participant will get a role card in a community that is planning to build a community network.

- The second part consists in a practical exercise (2 hours) in which we will present the equipments needed for the building of a community internet provider and build it along with the audience using the scenarios and characters presented in the gamification method.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Journalists /Software Developers/ Usability/ Advocacy/Policy Professional/ Communications Professionals/ Academia/ Front Line Activists
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Novice - Introductory, no previous knowledge required
Language English

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