Coming Back to Tech

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Coming Back to Tech
Presenter(s) Dalia Othman, Sanne Stevens
Title(s) Coming back to Tech - a practical solution
Organization(s) Tactical Tech Collective, Hivos
Project(s) Gender and Tech Project, Rapid Responders Network
Country(ies) Palestine, Netherlands
Social media
2017 theme Community

Online harassment and threats against women activists, rights defenders and journalists has become a prevelant issue in recent years. For many of these groups and individuals, using the internet and social media for work must all too frequently be balanced against harassment, threats and surviellance by both state and non-state actors.

There are a growing number of resources to prevent different kinds of online harassment faced by women working as activists, human rights defenders or journalists. But what happens during or ‘the day after’ an attack? And then what happens after the more urgent crisis phase(s) of a campaign of harassment passes? There is little documententation and few resources that tackle these issues.

As a result, we are proposing to facilitate a workshop that brings in the input of the community of activists, journalists and digital security trainers to help develop guides on tackling harassment such as account hijacking, doxing or revenge porn. The work conducted during workshop will help develop guides and manuals that can be used by activists, women rights defenders, journalists and Rapid Responders to deal with harassment and threats as they happen.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Security Trainers, Advocacy/Policy Professional, journalists, Academia, Front Line Activists, Other: Rapid Responders
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English

Session Outputs

From the feedback offered by the participants of this workshop we will further develop a set of resources related to handling attacks that happen to you, your online identity and accounts.

Next Steps

Will hopefully present the developed resources at RightsCon and from there finalize them for print and outreach to activists and rapid responders globally

Additional Notes

Relevant Resources

Tactical Tech's Security in a box, Zen Manual, Holistic Security