Chatbots for journalists and news media

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Chatbots for journalists and news media
Presenter(s) Marcel Oomens
Title(s) Project Officer Gender, Innovation and Safety
Organization(s) Free Press Unlimited
Project(s) Publeaks, Radio Dabanga
Country(ies) Netherlands, Sudan, South Sudan
Social media Twitter
2017 theme Journalism & Media

Free Press Unlimited wants to make it easy for everyone to participate in the production of news. Existing digital whistleblowing platforms go some way to achieving this goal, but we need to lower the barrier to participate a whole lot more. To that aim Free Press Unlimited is experimenting with chatbots. Chat platform are not just another channel for the dissemination by news media of the same old content, they’re also a great way to facilitate direct communication between journalists, newsrooms, whistleblowers and concerned citizens.

We will presents our current prototype and our vision for participatory, investigative journalism, and we’d like to hear your ideas and input to come to an even better concept and prototype.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Journalists, media innovators, media professional, technologists
Length 1 hours
Skill Level Intermediate
Language English

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