Building collective power to counter violence and censorship against feminist and women groups on the Internet

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Building collective power to counter violence and censorship against feminist and women groups on the Internet
Presenter(s) Lulu Barrera, Steph, Steph Gaspais, Belma Kučukalić
Organization(s) Luchadoras, Sawt Al Niswa, One World Platform
Country(ies) Mexico, Lebanon, Bosnia Herzegovina
Social media @luchadorastv, @sawtalniswa, @owplatform
2017 theme Community

ICT have been an empowering tool for the emergence and exchange of women’s and feminist groups voices in our fight for gender equality and women’s rights worldwide, supporting our right to freedom of expression by both helping produce and offering a platform to disseminate content that otherwise wouldn’t be at reach. But as stronger our voices populate the digital space, more pervasive is also a misogynist backlash that attack us. Tech related violence and online censorship towards women that uphold a public and active feminist practice are extending across the world, either by users, groups or even social networks policies of content that represent a serious risk to Internet Freedom.

In this fishbowl session we want to facilitate an open conversation on how grassroots organized groups of women are experiencing and responding to online violence globally. Three “conversation starters”, organized groups from Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe, will lead the session by sharing their own experiences and then opening up the conversation to all participants on order to:

1) Map out comparatively trends and types of violence in order to analyze shared threats and contextual specificities; 2) Share strategies displayed to defend themselves, with a special interest on responses pulled together by online and offline communities to respond collectively.

We want to encourage a collectively owned session that can represent a learning moment on the strengths and challenges communities responses have faced at the core of Internet Freedom, so it can feed into their local practices back after the Festival.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Digital rights activists,
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Advanced
Language English

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