Building an inclusive community: Code of Conduct principles and best practices

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Session Description

The use of Code of Conduct policies in online and offline tech communities has been a contentious issue for the last couple of years, despite being a standard part of other industries. However, high-profile implementations such as Apple's usage of the Contributor Covenant in their newly open-sourced Swift repository are becoming a more regular occurrence and including a Code of Conduct is slowly becoming as much a part of running a conference as ordering the food. With such an issue, it's perhaps not surprising that an overwhelming number of online resources have sprung up to provide opinions on, samples of, and supporting processes for, their usage. But there still lacks a set of guiding principles to standardise the evolution of this new supportive tool. This session will look at the task of building an inclusive community through Code of Conduct implementation in the same manner as a software development project. Participants will take part in the analysis of existing, well-respected resources to identify features which have good community support. Edge cases will also be considered and user stories will be developed in order to test the supporting processes and enforceability of each feature. The result of this session will be to have developed a community-built set of standards and processes to assist offline and online community leaders in building an inclusive environment, and also to create a solid foundation for the evolution of this issue. This session will be facilitated by Gem Barrett, Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow, with assistance from Steph Alarcon, Senior Technologist at the Open Technology Institute. Attendees from all walks of life are encouraged to attend to offer as wide a perspective as possible. In return they will benefit from being part of a collaborative process to drive the conversation around inclusion in tech communities and have the chance to offer and give feedback on proposals which will go towards underpinning the future of this movement.

Building an inclusive community: Code of Conduct principles and best practices
Presenter/s Gem Barrett
Bio/s Over the past six years, Gem has run her own business, worked in design, front-end and iOS development for a range of organisations and her passion for the open web recently led to her being selected from 560 global applicants to be one of the first six Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows. Hailing from the Isle of Wight in the UK, but now based at the Open Tech Institute in Washington DC, Gem is currently working on the promotion and accessibility of transparency reports, advocating for the open web and using internet measurement tools in exciting new ways.
Language English

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