Bridging the localization gap: digital security tools for everyone

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Bridging the localization gap: digital security tools for everyone
Presenter(s) Andreas Reventlow & Tawanda Mugari
Title(s) Programme Development & Digital Freedom Adviser / Development Technologist & Co-Founder
Organization(s) International Media Support (IMS) & Digital Society of Zimbabwe (DigiSoc)
Country(ies) Global
Social media @digisoczim / @tawmug / @forfreemedia / @andreasr
2017 theme Communications & Design




Recent years’ proliferation of digital security tools follows neatly the troubling increase in surveillance and attacks of all kinds on the digital spheres of citizens, journalists and human rights groups globally.

While those who develop digital security tools have a broad and diverse user-base in mind, the tools are often not put to use by those who need them the most: people in repressive and conflict-affected contexts that are at risk simply for having or voicing opinions perceived to be in opposition to the dominant narrative.

This IFF session seeks to broaden the conversation on what it takes to improve uptake of digital security tools and make those who need them safer.


• Are we communicating about digital security in the right ways and what do we know about how it is understood

• Are digital security issues perceived as important by (potential) users and how can those engaged in digital security make sure they are?

• Is available awareness raising and marketing material angled in ways that it increases uptake?

• What other ways could those engaged in digital security increase the understanding that staying safe is important?

• What should tool developers consider in order to make their tools used by people who need them?

PARTICIPANTS Dragana Kaurin, Localization Lab

Rory Byrne, Security First

Wairagala Wakabi, CIPESA

Torsten Grote, Guardian Project

Reem Al Masri, 7iber

Tara Tarakiyee, OTF

Collin Sullivan, Benetech

Poncelet Ileleji, Gambia YMCA

Gus Andrews, ThoughtWorks

Kody Leonard, ISC Project

Shauna Dillavou, CommunityRed

Ronald Kakembo, Frontline Defenders

Ame Elliott, Simply Secure

& YOU!

Format Conversation
Target Groups Developers, designers, communicators, everyone who uses digital security tools and everyone who doesn't
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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