Blockchain ISOC SIG meetup

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Blockchain ISOC SIG meetup
Presenter(s) Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Walid Al-Saqaf, Nadira Alaraj
Title(s) Blockchain ISOC SIG meetup
Organization(s) ISOC BSIG
Project(s) Meetup about community foundation
Country(ies) Brazil, Sweden, Palestine
Social media @renataaquino #ISOCBSIG
2017 theme Self Organized

This session will discuss what is Blockchain technology, the latest advancements in this field and the creation of the Internet Society Special interest Group on Blockchain. Folks during the session will learn how can they join the group and take opportunity of ISOC community for actions like Beyond the Net project funding and others.

Interested in #Blockchain? You can join the Internet Society Special Interest Group on Blockchain. It's free and you can choose to receive communications of the group via email notices or use it as an online forum.

You may join via  and find a chapter - locate Blockchain SIG

You can also locate the SIG at the following URL to join:

This is a really new chapter, a few weeks old. So we hope you enjoy it and contribute.

Wednesday 8Mar 5pm - 6pm Room Flyover Front

Self-Organized Schedule

Format Networking event
Target Groups Software Developers, Digital Security Trainers, Communications Professionals, Digital Rights Activists, Journalists and Media, Designers
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Advanced
Language English

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