Aviary: Distributed, Tamper-Proof, Per-User Warrant Canaries

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Aviary: Distributed, Tamper-Proof, Per-User Warrant Canaries
Presenter(s) Bobo Bose-Kolanu
Title(s) PhDc
Organization(s) Harvard Berkman Center, Duke University
Country(ies) USA
Social media
2017 theme Tools & Technology

We explore technological approaches for accountability in secret warrant mechanisms, describing a particular approach that standardizes, expands, and improves upon current warrant canary practices. By offering a resilient, per-user system we seek to provoke a healthy debate about trade-offs and best practices for balancing national security investigations with privacy rights and global civil society.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Technology providers, privacy advocates, social scientists, cryptographers
Length 1
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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